Be part of an extraordinary event

The 1st European Practice Enterprise Trade Fair is an excellent forum for practical, professional commercial learning.

Good reasons to participate as an exhibitor at the 1st European Practice Enterprise Trade Fair:

Grund 2

Reason 1: 

Gain valuable experience in preparing a trade fair.


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Reason 2:

Get  a variety of possibilities to practice sales pitches – also in a foreign language.


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Reason 3: 

Build up new national and international business contacts.


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Reason 4: 

Take the chance to interact with teachers and trainers in the Practice Enterprise Network from around the world.


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Reason 5: 

Participate in an animated event.





Online-registration will be released an February 1, 2018.

Information for Exhibitors

Are you interested in participating as an exhibitor? All information about the registration of a booth, the program and further details will be announced shortly.


Our brochure for exhibitors to download can be found here:

Titel Messebroschüre Aussteller

The 1st European Practice Enterprise Trade Fair will be held in the newly constructed halls of the Messe Dornbirn GmbH.



Messe Dornbirn GmbH
Messeplatz 1
6854 Dornbirn, Austria
Tel. +43 5572 305-0


For further information please contact our trade fair team:

Phone: +49 (0)201 3204-566
Fax: +49 (0)201 3204-307


Information about how to get there: external link »

Opening hours

The opening hours of the fair will be announced later.

The MesseCard

At the trade fair, all visitors who are not members of a Practice Enterprise can easily shop with the MesseCard. Simply buy it at the info stand for 1, - € and off you go. The MesseCard is registered and can also be used at future Practice Enterprise trade fairs. It has a validity of two years.

The MesseCard is not provided for any visitors who are employed in Practice Enterprises. Details about the MesseCard can be found here »download (PDF).

Important links to MesseCard

MesseCard Portal
Start page:

MesseCard Portal
Login for the registration of MesseCard purchases:

Exhibition Visitors

There is nevertheless a restriction for the trade fair visitors. The trade fair visitor is not a wholesaler and should, therefore, behave like a private person at a trade fair who buys in household quantities. This can be for example 2 cell phones or 50 books, but not 1000 trips or 50 cars.

Booking MesseCard orders

We have summarized the exact procedure for recording orders which were paid with the MesseCard in a guide that you can download here: » MesseCard - Info for Exhibitors.