The 1st European Practice Enterprise Trade Fair

Three countries are joining forces for a unique event! The 1st European Practice Enterprise Trade Fair is a joint initiative of the Central Offices of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 250 exhibitors from over 20 countries and over 10,000 visitors are expected. It will be a memorable experience for all who attend and a forum for international trade and intercultural exchange.

Every year international Practice Enterprise trade fairs offer trainees and participants the opportunity to practice a variety of practical skills such as planning and preparation of the trade fair, training of sales skills and the ensuing commercial processes. Fair participants get an opportunity to interact with both national and international colleagues.

We look forward to seeing you!

The organization team of the 2018 1st European Practice Enterprise Trade Fair

What is a Practice Enterprise? What is a Practice Enterprise trade fair?

A Practice Enterprise is a trainee-operated company that runs like a real business silhouetting a real firm's business procedures, products and services. A Practice Enterprise resembles a real company in its form, organization and function. Each Practice Enterprise trades with other Practice Enterprises, following commercial business procedures in the Practice Enterprise worldwide economic environment. Once a year, the "employees" of these training companies meet at the international Practice Enterprise fair and share a common experience that leaves a lasting impression on them: real-life commercial and social exchanges with trainees from all over the world.